Why Do Some Burn The Bridge To Relationships That Should Be Cherished?

“Are You playing me?” Is slang for a question that we consciously or subconsciously ask in relationships. Especially where there is a history of mistrust.

I want to say it another way so there is no misunderstanding. Why do some people subconsciously sabotage relationships that they depend on always being there for them? Yes, I’m primarily talking about the manipulators that easily move about in our inner circles of relationships.

The “pouters” that manipulate their loved ones in order to have things go their way. We parents, and grandparents would like to think this habit goes away in the teenage years of our children or grandchildren. And I want to include spouses here as well.

The habit of being a manipulator does not go away easily, though. In fact, it deepens, like a river, into a person’s pysche’s during the formative years that only a trail of failure and/or counseling can change the course there of. Which comes much later, if it happens at all.

(I’m forming some thoughts on this subject while I finish up with several other time-demanding tasks. I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the meanwhile though. So feel free to post your ideas below.)